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HKAI Hip Seat suitable for newborn to 36 months (or 44 lb)

Multiple positions: Facing in Facing Out Side Carrying Feeding Position.

Let the baby and you have a variety of options to maximize comfort

HKAI baby...

Must Have !! Eye care lamp

This LED desk lamp is evenly illuminated, with no glare, no flicker, and no blue light hazard. Soft and even lighting helps to relieve eye fatigue caused by long-time watching computer screens, thus protecting our eyes. 

t's a mus buuy !!!

Mini Desk CLeaner to keep your desk clean ! even if your not here !

this desk cleaner will clean your desk when you are not here, it's very important to keep your desk clean with your materials too


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The Law of Attraction is a universal law that has been around since the beginning of time.

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